About Our Company

Didasko Ministry Resources, LLC is an organization dedicated to developing Bible-based resources for pastors to assist them
in ministering to their congregations. Our mission is to provide high quality and doctrinally sound material specifically
designed to meet the pastoral counseling and ministry needs of pastors within churches, both large and small.

Didasko was originally founded in 1996  by Larry L Cornine EdD when it first published the Marriage Counseling Guide for
Pastors. Since that time, Didasko has continued to develop counseling manuals and provided consulting services for pastors
and ministers dealing with emotional, behavioral, relational, and organizational issues within the church. Didasko is currently
active in developing new products for pastors and lay ministers and expanding its consulting services.

About Us

Larry L. Cornine, EdD, PhD began his career as a high school teacher in 1966. He taught Biology and Human
Physiology for one year. Drafted into the US Army in 1967, he returned to teaching in 1970. While teaching, he completed a
Master’s and Specialist in Education and became a public high school administrator, first an Assistant Principal and then a
Principal. He completed a Doctorate in Education 1980. Dr. Cornine changed careers in 1981 when he established Diakonos, a
Christian Counseling Center. Completing a Masters in Counseling and a PhD in Psychology, he practiced in a private setting
and provided clinical consulting services for Christian Care inpatient programs at three different hospitals. Dr. Cornine retired
from private practice in 2000. Presently, he provides counseling on a selected basis, is an Associate Professor of Counseling
and Pastoral Care at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary, consults with churches dealing with difficult issues, and
writes. He and his wife, Dorothy, attend Noland Road Baptist Church in Independence, Missouri. Dr. Cornine is an ordained
Minister and a Deacon. He and his wife have two grown children and six grandchildren.

Christopher K. Cornine, PhD is a Licensed Clinical Psychologist in the State of Illinois and a Licensed Professional
Counselor in the State of Missouri. He has been a mental health practitioner since 1996. He has worked in a variety of settings
including an inpatient hospital program for troubled youths, a general psychiatric hospital, and a private practice. Dr. Cornine
holds a BA in Psychology, an MS in Counseling Psychology, and a PhD in Clinical Psychology. Focus areas of practice
include marriage and family counseling, behavioral addictions, and anxiety disorders including trauma. Dr. Cornine is also
Assistant Professor of Counseling at Midwestern Baptist Theological Seminary in Kansas City, Missouri. He teaches Life-
Span Development, Adolescent Development, Counseling Theories, Abnormal Psychology, Research Methods, and
Internship. Dr. Cornine is a member of the American Association of Christian Counselors, Christian Association of
Psychological Studies and the Missouri Mental Health Counselors Association.
About Us